• UP to 15% Fuel Savings !
    - Save .50 Cents a Gallon !
  • UP to 30% Extra Horses !
    - Better Response Time !
  • Low Exhaust Gas Temps !
    - Cooler Engine / Longer Life
  • 10 Minute Easy Install !
    - Quickly gets You going !
“I Definitely Get Better Gas Mileage & The Power is Definitely There"
"I have a Cummins 2007 High Output. I do a 7% Grade Pulling 17,000 Lb. I was always having to drop down into 3rd Gear and Push the Pedal all the way Down. Now / with the Diesel Performance Chip; I set the Cruise at 55 mph and have No problem & No Temperature Increase going up the same 7% Grade Pulling 17,000 Lb. The Diesel Performance Chip is Perfect. When running empty I get 21.5 MPG and The Performance Power Chip still pushes me back into the seat when I Take Off."
- Douglas D. - Lake Isabella, CA.
“I have an 05 Powerstroke and gained 5 mpg with the Diesel Performance Power Module... from 15 to 20. The amazing thing is I still picked up 3 mpg with a boat attached. The throttle response and Power is great. It removed the take-off flat spot."
- Lynn Stoneman - Galax, VA.

“I like the quick do-it-yourself installation. Towing a 36’ fifth-wheel to Florida with my 04 Dodge Cummins I was able to stay in 5th gear on the hills and gain nearly 20% in fuel mileage which will pay for the product. The way my truck runs now; with the Diesel Performance Chip installed, was worth every penny."
- L.B. - Lander, WY.

"I pull a backhoe and a stock trailer with my 98 Cummins. I am really impressed with the Diesel Performance Chip. Now I get to where I am going a lot faster. It really gets you down the road. I was going to trade this truck off; until I put in the Performance Diesel Chip; I then told my wife, I just got a new truck; so I decided to keep it."
- Howard Cutler - Challis, ID.

Cummins ISC 2005 Monaco Coach
FYI my diesel consumption in my 2005 Monaco coach powered with a
Cummins ISC went from 6.0 MPG to 8.9 MPG. My engine runs cooler
and the coach has no problem entering freeways or climbing hills at
highway speeds. Thank you for providing a good product.

"I feel a lot more low-end torque in my 05 ford. While pulling my 4000 lb. RV trailer, I went from 10.5 mpg to 14.1 mpg with the Diesel Performance Chip. I also went from 15 mpg to 19.1 mpg running empty...I'm very satisfied with this product."
- Ed - Perrine ID.

"Just a note to follow up on the Diesel Chip I installed in my 2001 Dodge Cummins Pickup. I have gone from an average of 16.25 miles per gallon to 18.9, or around 75 miles more per tank. That is a significant increase and makes the cost of the chip well worth the investment. Feel free to use me as a referral to anyone who is considering purchasing one."
- Mike McGraw - Pasadena, TX.
Dodge Ram 2004.5 Cummins 5.9L. "A 4-5 mpg gain with reg. driving. A gain of 6-7 mpg pulling my 36' fifth wheel up a hill to my house that goes from 400 ft. to 4,000 ft over a 30 mile stretch. I now pull in 5th&6th gear @ 50-60 mph when before it was 3rd&4th @ 35-40 mph. I wholeheartedly recommend the US Diesel Chip to anyone who owns a diesel. This thing really works!"
- D&K - Crounce,CA.

I bought my Diesel Chip and i have to say i was pretty skeptical of your
mpg savings claims etc. I am pleased to say i was completely wrong!
My max mpg before i fitted the chip was 19mpg on a '05 1-ton Dodge 5.9
Cummins dually with 90k miles. My max mpg after I fitted the chip is now
26-27 mpg. I was stunned and was even better than the sales rep said I
should get. So......i thought it was only fair that i should let you know how
happy i am. I surely would have told you if it was the other way around!
Thanks again for a great product.

- Rupert Brice -
“With the US Diesel Chip -
I Left 4 Black Marks on the Pavement with My Dually."
I have a 2003 Cummins. Having the Diesel Performance Chip; has been
the difference between night and day. It's Been a Dream... I really love it.
I have a 38 Foot 5th wheel that I pull and was getting 10.5 MPG. I Now
get 13.0 MPG Consistent with the Diesel Performance Chip. I now set
the Cruise Control and don't have to use Over Drive. Running empty I
was Getting 17 MPG. I Now get 21.0 MPG with the US Diesel
Performance Chip."

- Richard M. - Apache Junction, AZ.

“I would like to give my Cudos to your Diesel Chip for my 2006 Dodge Cummins 3500 Truck. I got a whopping 21 + MPG after the installation and a real nice power boost. I pull a 30 ft 5th wheel and 21 ft Pontoon with no problem. Prior to the chip when pulling my toys I averaged about 10 + mpg and now averaging 14.5 With power to spare."
- Ralph C. - Rio Rancho, N.M.

“I bought the Diesel Chip for my '04.5 Dodge Cummins- partly because the testimonies sounded like real people, writing real things- not sales pitches. The thinking behind the technology also sold me. I need my pickup to be safe and reliable. With all that said- HERE'S the kicker!! I gained no less than 3 mpg. empty!! My average increase has been 4 to 5 mpg. The hard part is keeping my foot out of the accelerator. It amazes me every time I drive it. It pulls HARDER in 6th gear than it ever did in 5th. If any of you reading this are skeptical like I have always been with upgrades, tuners, etc- rest that concern. This thing is REAL! I wholeheartedly recommend this product. Thank you for making a power and mileage improvement device that works, that increases and smoothes already amazing power, and will VERY quickly pay for itself in fuel savings! - you have my loyalty.
- Dan C. - CO.

Better fuel economy and the towing performance you were promised when you first bought your truck are only a step away with Your Purchase of a US Diesel Performance Chip !

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