Diesel Performance Chips

  • UP to 15% Fuel Economy

  • UP to 140 Extra HP

  • Low EGT's / Cooler Engine

  • 10 Minute Install

Get those heavier than normal loads
moving with greater ease; with a
Diesel Performance Chip and do so
without making any harmful or costly 
diesel power modifications to your
truck. Diesel Performance Chip
simply plugs in. No additional diesel
performance modifications to Your

diesel power truck are required.

Diesel Power Fuel Economy with
TS Diesel Chips that use 
Combustion Efficiency Technology.
Gain diesel performance fuel 
economy with a Diesel Performance
Chip that does not over-fuel your 
diesel performance engine to produce 
power. No larger Intake or Larger 
Exhaust is needed to Dissipate Heat
when using a TS Diesel Performance 
Chip. No Costly Gauges to monitor
diesel power exhaust Temperatures. 
No additional Modifications Needed;
Saving You both Time and Money.

Diesel Chips

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