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How It Works

How It Works

Most aftermarket products plug directly into the computer called the ECM (Engine Control Module) or ECU (Engine Control Unit). If they don't plug into the computer they will typically plug in under the dash into what is called the OBD-II Port (On-Board Diagnostics 2). Those are usally hand held programmers. Both of these types of appilcations access the computer directly, so that they can keep the injectors open longer, called pulse width or duration.

The Reason they keep the injectors open longer so that they can add additional fuel to the burn, more wood on the fire, bigger fire, more horsepower. Where the damage and heat occurs is because diesel is a slower burning fuel. Some of the extra fuel that is put into the burn is not totally consumed or burnt up before it's exhausted, so what you have is some extra fuel on fire going through the exhaust manifold and then through the turbo if you have one.

Our product is completely different
In that we send information to the computer, we do not touch the computer. Currently on top of your engine are two factory connections male to female called the Map sensor and Fuel sensor, our product comes with a male on one end and a female on the other for both the map and fuel sensor. In-Line Plug and Play about a 10 to 15 minute install, no splice of wire.

Here's How It Works;
We are tricking the computer. When you're at 1000 rpm; we're telling the computer you're at 1100 rpm. It takes the factory fuel table at 1000 rpm. and incrementally increases the fuel pressure to 1100 rpm. setting with safety features built in at top end not to go outside the design or parameters of the manufacturer's engine.

When you increase fuel pressure vs stock, it's like putting your thumb on a garden hose, you get a better spray. That directly equates to atomization so that on the existing fuel there is a cleaner burn and a greater release of energy on the existing fuel. Results are Up To A 30% Dyno HorsePower Gain. Additional ft lbs of torque. Fuel economy added because of less pedal / Up to 20% Fuel Savings.

Product comes with a 30 day test drive from the day that you receive it to be completely satisfied with the results. Full money back guarantee, no games.

After 30 days - Lifetime warranty with the original owner. 

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