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AG Diesel Performance Modules are different than
a Typical Diesel Chip or / Typical Diesel Chips ...

  • UP to 15% Fuel Savings !
    - Save .50 Cents a Gallon !
  • UP to 30% Extra Horses !
    - Better Response Time !
  • Low Exhaust Gas Temps !
    - Cooler Engine / Longer Life
  • 10 Minute Easy Install !
    - Quickly gets You going !
Q. What Diesel Engine does AG Diesel Performance Chip Upgrade 
A. Cummins Diesel Engine, Duramax Diesel Engine and Power Stroke Diesel Engine. In Addition is the Agricutlure Line of CAT, John Deere, Case IH and New Holland.
Q. Can I install The AG Diesel Chip Myself ? 
A. YES! The AG Diesel Performance Chip snaps into your existing factory style connectors.
Three Easy Steps / Click Here.
Q. What exactly is The AG Diesel Performance Chip ?
A. The AG Diesel Performance Chip is "New State of the Art Technology" applied in the form of
a digital micro computer placed into a Chip; representing the ultimate in
"Advanced Diesel Technology".
Q. How does The AG Diesel Performance Chip work?
A. The AG Diesel Performance Chip precisely regulates fuel injection pressure in order to enhance the atomization and dispersion of injected fuel. The AG Diesel Performance Chip Controls the fuel plume sprayed into the cylinder which; optimizes the air-fuel mixture making for a better more complete combustion of existing fuel. The result is greater volumes of energy released at combustion without adding more fuel to the engine. The AG Diesel Performance Chip gives You better Fuel Economy, Safer Power Gains, Cleaner Emissions, and Longer Engine Life.
Q. What should I expect from The AG Diesel Performance Chip?
A. The AG Diesel Performance Chip has safety features for maximum protection of Your engine; so You enjoy peace of mind under hard pulling conditions. With the AG Diesel Performance Chip; Your exhaust gas temperatures remain normal. With the excellent increase in torque and low-speed pulling power with the AG Diesel Performance Chip, You can expect to gain a gear or two and increase Your speed 20-30 mph on steep grades. With the AG Diesel Performance Chip You get; that additional bottom-end torque of sheer power You need, to always be the first one up the hill. The AG Diesel Performance Chip removes the Flat Spot in the bottom end and produces a smooth power band all the way to the top. The AG Diesel Performance Chip is designed for MPG and You will experience an increase in Horse Power. The AG Diesel Performance Chip gives you a better in Traffic Response Time.
Q. Why is the AG Diesel Performance Chip better than other diesel performance products?
A. The AG Diesel Performance Chip Produces "substantial" power increases WITHOUT ADDING MORE FUEL to the engine. There are several dynamics in how more power is produced in a diesel engine. Unlike the AG Diesel Performance Chip; almost every diesel performance chip, Power Chip, Module or Diesel Chip produces more horse power by altering the duration timing of the injection pulse and/or reprogramming the fuel tables in the factory computer.

The AG Diesel Performance Chip Does not RE-Program Your ECM ( engine control module/computer.) When the injector is held open longer; more fuel is going to be added to the engine...Period! Fuel Delivery is controlled by the injectors which are cycled by the computer. The computer produces a signal to open the injectors for a certain length of time depending on engine conditions relayed by sensors. This computer output signal is called the "Injector Pulse Width".

The longer that the injector is open, the More Fuel is injected. As engine load and rpm are increased, the injector open times are increased to match increasing airflow. The longer the pulse width... the more fuel is injected. "Diesel Engines run on air-fuel. As long as the engine is getting the proper amount of air to equal the extra fuel that is being added, the truck will increase its performance efficiently. But What happens as soon as it reaches its limit of how much air is coming in and fuel is continued to be added? What You get is black smoke and an increase in EGT ( exhaust gas temperature ) due to Excess Fuel continuing to burn as it goes out Your exhaust. Almost every Dealership knows that Over-fueling shortens the life of an engine and turbo because that High Exhaust Heat ( temperature ) travels right through the Turbo.

The AG Diesel Performance Chip keeps Your Air-Fuel ratios in Balance. The AG Performance Diesel Chip Does Not Over-Fuel Your Engine to Produce Power.

No added expense - with the AG Diesel Performance chip - You do not need Temperature Gauges, Larger Intakes, and Larger Exhausts to Dissipate Heat.

No modifications - are needed With the AG Diesel Performance Chip.

On the outside, two trucks may look identical... but once you start pulling a hill you find out, that it is what's under the hood that separates them. Side by side all diesel performance products may look the same and produce power and on certain vehicle models; other products produce MORE power than the AG Diesel Performance Chip, BUT... it all boils down to...HOW are they producing that power and what is the Long Term Effects on the Engine? Bottom line is NOT HOW MUCH power they can produce but HOW SAFE to Your Engine are they producing that power and is it "USABLE power".

The AG Diesel Performance Chip separates itself from the pack by precisely regulating the fuel pressure electronically so that you improve the atomization of the fuel as it is sprayed into the combustion chamber.
Q. Does a AG Diesel Performance Chip effect my transmission?
A. The AG Diesel Performance Chip is designed with safety as a number one factor. The AG Diesel Performance Chip will work well within your drive-train factory limitations and in many cases You will notice improved shifting performance because of the added power.
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