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US Diesel Chips. Com offers Diesel Performance Chips that can be easily added
to any number of diesel engines. Enjoy:
UP to 15 % Fuel Savings ... Running Empty ... or Loaded !
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$250.00 TO $375.00 OFF - DIESEL CHIPS

US Diesel Performance Chip
Is not an old fashioned chip that reprograms your Diesel trucks computer and over-fuels your engine to produce power. ( Over-Fueling produces Engine Heat that causes concern with New Truck Dealership Warranties ) Instead; Increase mileage and power safely without heat.
  • UP to 15% Fuel Savings
    - Save .50 Cents a Gallon !

  • UP to 100 Extra Horses !
    - Better in Traffic Response Time.          

  • Low Exhaust Gas Temps.
    - Cooler Engine / Longer Life.

  • 10 Minute Easy Install.
    - Quickly gets You going.

Diesel Performance
30 day Customer Satisfaction - Performance Chips
You have 30 days to be Satisfied with the RESULTS.

Life Time Warranty - Diesel Power Chips / Click here 
Free From Defect in Materials & Workmanship.

Diesel Power Fuel Economy with US Diesel Performance Chips that use
Combustion Efficiency Technology. Gain diesel performance fuel economy with a Diesel Performance Chip that does not over-fuel your diesel performance engine to produce power. No larger Intake or Larger Exhaust is needed to Dissipate Heat when using a US Diesel Performance Chip. No Costly Gauges to monitor diesel power Exhaust Temperatures. No additional Modifications Needed; Saving You both Time and Money.
Dodge - Cummins Diesel Engine accepts
Diesel Performance Chips.

Ford - Powerstroke, Power Stroke accepts
Diesel Peformance Chips.

Chevy - Duramax Diesel Engine accepts
Diesel Performance Chips.

G.M.C. - Duramax Diesel Engine accepts
Diesel Performance Chips.
Get those heavier than normal loads moving with greater ease; with a US Diesel Performance Chip and do so without making any harmful or costly diesel power modifications to your truck. US Diesel Chip product simply plugs in. No additional diesel performance modifications to Your diesel power truck are required.
Fine Tuning:
Your fuel - rail pressure changes your diesel power engine's peak efficiency so that you can start accessing your engine's power curve at a lower rpm range. With a US Diesel Performance Chip You get more "on demand" diesel power at the RPM range where you drive and use most / from 1700 - 2400 rpm. Because US Diesel Performance Chips don't over fuel; Your diesel engine - No expensive gauges are needed to monitor your diesel power engine exhaust Temperatures. Cooler engine - Longer Engine LIfe !

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Frequently Asked Questions
Diesel Performance Chips are sometimes referred to as performance chips, power chips, power chips, module performance, diesel power chips, performance chip, power control module, power module, horsepower chips, high performance diesel chips, duramax performance chips, duramax power chips, cummins diesel performance chips, cummins diesel engine chips, ford powerstroke diesel performance chips, powerstroke performance chips and ford engine powerstroke chips.
Increased Torque and Horse Power.
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed ...
Diesel Power Chips.
Diesel Performance Chips.
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed !

Diesel Performance Module and Performance
Products are Made in the U.S.A.
Add Diesel Power for Increased Torque and Horse Power ...
Fuel Economy and Fuel Savings
while adding Torque to your
Diesel Performance engine ...
Power Chip for Horse Power increase on your Diesel Truck ...
All Products - In Stock and Ship Same Day !
All Product in stock and Ships FREE !
30-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

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